Functional Capacity Assessment (FCA)

Functional Capacities Assessment (FCA) was devised to aid evaluation of physical capacities and limitations that relate to work, recreation and activities of daily living. It describes optimum or maximum capacities in terms of strength, endurance, related joint problems, fine and gross motor coordination, limiting factors and methods of task performance.

Two forms of FCA are available:

  1. The Standard Form involves the measurement of 17 different activities in order to more accurately assess an individual's physical capacity.
  2. In the Modified Form, components from the standard test pertaining to a specific occupation or injury are evaluated.

Before beginning the FCA, the client will have a Preliminary Assessment to measure strength and flexibility and this information is used as a baseline for interpreting the results of the FCA. The FCA measures the abilities of Lifting, Carrying, Push/Pulling, Standing, Kneeling, Sitting, Bending, Stooping, Squatting, Walking, Climbing, Balance and Hand coordination.

The full report includes subjective and objective information regarding client performance.

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