"My name is Patty Koster. I have been a part of Progressive Physical Therapy’s STAR Small Group Training program since January 6, 2014. I have been participating in the program with a few family members. We have been working out three days a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) for an hour each session. In a two month period, I have lost 11 lbs. and over 10 inches in my waist and hips alone! Our trainers/ nutritionists, Nino and Lorena, are not only great to work with, but they are motivating and have a great sense of humor. I really enjoy working out with them. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone interested in not only losing weight, but reshaping and strengthening your body."

Patty Koster

"The STAR small group training program at Progressive Physical Therapy is a great program! In only two months I have lost 20lbs and inches in all the right places. I'm so happy with what I've accomplished so far and couldn't have done it without this program. The personal trainers, Nino and Lorena, are very motivating and great fun to workout with. The great benefit of working out with a small group is that you still get the one on one attention from a trainer but also the camaraderie of being with a group. The program incorporates physical training with nutritional guidance and this has made all the difference in my success. I've applied their nutritional guidance and feel I have a healthy eating routine now, not a diet. What is also very important is that the trainers work in a physical therapy clinic. They evaluate your health and exiting injuries and take this into consideration and modify the exercises as needed. This allows the goals of the individuals in the small group to be varied. Our small group consists of people that have quite a few pounds to lose, thinner people who want to tone and build strength and a young man that is building strength and muscle. We all do the same routine but the trainers direct each person to modify each exercise to what they are trying to accomplish or what they are capable of doing, so this is a great program to do with friends and family. The whole group has seen success! The workout routines also change each week so you don't get bored. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to be a healthier, stronger version of themselves."

"My name is Victor Quiroz and I am 42 years old. I have been using the STAR 1 on 1 system for the past 5 weeks.

So far I have lost a total of 22 lbs of weight. In addition, my chest has been reduced by 4 inches and my waist is 4-1/2 inches smaller.

What I like most of this program is that I am losing weight the natural way, working out and eating well. It is as simple as that. I work out twice a week and follow a simple natural diet. The results have made me happy and my wife.

Hanniel is a great motivator. I have exceeded my expectations and results thanks to his support and guidance. Each week I am capable of doing more in the workout and I lose more weight. Health wise I feel 100% better.

I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to lose weight the correct way. No gimmicks here. You work out and eat right, then you lose the weight. It's that simple."

Victor Quiroz

"By accident I picked Progressive Physical Therapy. How lucky can I guy get! I had major foot surgery on my 60 year old foot at Kerlan-Jobe. I was not sure I would be able to go back to work again on cement floors 9 hours a day. Thank you to Shelly C. and the rest of the staff for directing, correcting and encouraging me. I'll miss the experience. So after 20 visits later, it's back to work I go."

--- Thanks, Richard R.

"My family and I have gone to Progressive Physical Therapy for many years. We have been patients for everything from knee and shoulder surgeries, car accident rehab, sports training, arthritis rehab, stretching, strengthening and vestibular and balance therapy. No matter your age, they are by far the very best physical therapy establishment around. The entire staff is extremely knowledgeable, efficient, kind, accommodating and very helpful. They truly care about each and every one of their patients. An added plus is that you can continue your P.T. program on your own after completion of your therapy and for a reasonable monthly fee. Even with this Wellness program, their wonderful staff are always available to their patients for help, questions, etc. Progressive Physical Therapy in Tarzana is the best kept secret in the San Fernando Valley. They are WONDERFUL in all aspects and definitely an asset to their profession. THANK YOU, PROGRESSIVE PHYSICAL THERAPY FOR BEING YOU. YOU ARE THE VERY BEST."

--- Marlene M.

"I go to Progressive Physical Therapy once or twice a week for one hour of specialized movements and exercises that help me - as a senior with chronic and neurological conditions - to maintain my balance, my strength, my movement and independence. They call it "1000 Steps," but it's rally just whatever helps me to keep moving. The expertise and caring concern that I have found at Progressive for various needs over the last dozen years have greatly augmented the medical care and alternative therapies I receive from other sources to keep me fit and confident. It is also a welcoming environment with gifted specialists."

--- Dena S.

"Dear Ruth,

I was as good as I could be during the 2 week combination of cruising and traveling in Rome; balanced, steady. Used cane due to increased walking but proved travelable, as long as I modified my touring schedule and had Stu by my side. Wonderful, wonderful trip that proved so much to both of us. Very fortunate. Often had to climb big, strange flights of stairs to ladies' rooms and always inspired by Tatiana's practices with me. Also used some of our exercises on long plane rides to keep feet, legs from freezing or swelling; came very naturally to me. Anxious to return to at least 1x weekly, if not 2x."

--- See you soon.Dena

"I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your hard work and dedication in my treatment for my shoulder. I know I have seen you a few times for back issues but this time was completely different for me.I will ONLY come to Progressive because everyone there always treats me well and is friendly and happy. 🙂 You are incredibly thorough and truly listen to your patients... and, believe it or not, I do listen to you and continue to do my exercises at home. Thank you for your time the last 2 months... I might not be 100% yet, but I'm getting there!"

--- Sandy Smith

"1000 Steps gets me up and moving in ways that help my problem areas - the stiffness, slowness and balance issues from my Parkinsons disease, and the pain and limitations from my problem discs, hip and hamstring.

The personalized, encouraging focus from the trainer/instructor helps me pace myself and work through my problem areas - all the while motivating me very effectively not only to continue through the whole hour, but to take walks in my neighborhood and to do key exercises at home, things I've resisted for so long. The class is a key point in my week, something I know will help to keep me independent longer."

--- D.S. Winnetka

"There is never a time that I am there where the atmosphere there is not positive and upbeat. It truly is a joy to come in..."

--- Jon G. Mullins

"It is a real team-playing environment in that everyone helps one another and as a patient it makes you feel like you won't fall through the cracks because someone isn't watching out for you. It is evident that no matter how the patients are assigned the first concern is the patient's care."

---Estella Pre'Jean

"My thanks to you and Progressive Physical Therapy for the excellent care enabling me to get back to full activity. First and foremost are the competent caring personnel. Their knowledge, support, and encouragement are critical to the success of your program. Working with state of the art equipment, they are the basis of your outstanding operation.

I also wish to acknowledge the excellence of the maintenance program, which is equivalent to having a personal trainer and access to all the necessary workout tools at reasonable cost.

Keep up the great work."

--- Ronald Danzig, M.D.

"Scheduling is extremely patient friendly and everyone is outstanding."

--- Dennis

"Staff know there stuff, I will personally recommend to my doctor that he use your facility."

--- Steve

"This is the best PT I have ever had anywhere, and I have gone to about 6 differenet places."

--- R. Hukil

"This is by far the best PT office I have been to."

--- Dottie

"Great staff and facility. Improvement and relief evident by treatment received."

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